God has called us to be a part of a mission, and this call often leads us into unfamiliar territory.  When opposition comes and things don’t turn out the way that “they should,” it becomes easy for us to second guess if we’re on the right path.  In this series, we’ll look at how the first “foreign missionaries” respond in the same scenario, with the hopes of gaining some confidence to push through uncertainty and arrive at a place where Christ’s mission can be fulfilled. As we continue our journey through the book of Acts, we look specifically at how we navigate through uncharted waters. Journey with us over the course of the next five weeks to understand what obstacles lie ahead of us as well as what victories lie on the other side of these obstacles.

Sermons From series

Modeling a Ministry of Multiplication


As we close our series, Uncharted, guest speaker Damon Horton explains the biblical model of multiplication in Acts,

The Great Debate: Faith vs Works


Muche addresses what is still a topic of debate amongst Christians today. He shows us in Acts 15 as well as Romans and Galatians that Paul concludes Jesus + Anything= A distortion of the Gospel.

Seeking Christ In Opposition


As we continue our series, Uncharted, John Martyn takes a look at how suffering and opposition reveal in whom or what our identity and value rests.

God at the Center


As we continue in our series, Uncharted, we dive into Paul’s sermon and witness how God is both sovereign and central to human history.

Opportunity in Opposition


As we begin our series, Uncharted, John takes a look at how opposition to the Gospel often creates greater opportunity for its proclamation.