Living as God’s Open Letter to the World | We were created in God’s image and meant to reflect what God is like through our lives. Because of sin that plan was derailed but through the person and work of Christ we have been redeemed and recommissioned to fulfill our original purpose. Living as disciples the mundane becomes ministry and the everyday becomes extraordinary as we seek to make disciples where we live, work and play.

Sermons From series

The Incarnation


The incarnation is there very means God uses to bring us to Himself. In the same way, we are to pitch our tents among the lost and broken, so that we can bring them to Him.

Resident Aliens


As Sent Ones, we are to embrace our role as Resident Aliens, striving to be fluent in the language of our culture and yet, recognizably different.

The Grand Narrative


From the beginning, God’s plan was to redeem mankind to Himself.