Render | Giving to God what is God’s

What if Jesus were your money manager? What does the Bible teach about stewardship? Stewardship tells the story of our spirituality. It goes beyond giving financially but reflects the posture of our heart toward God. Biblical stewardship is rendering back to God everything he has placed in our hands (time, talent, treasure) to be used for the advance of the God’s Kingdom. Using Luke’s Gospel as a guide we will be considering several of Jesus’ parables and real life interactions of Jesus with people where the topic of stewardship is discussed. Our aim is to encourage you to respond positively to Jesus’ call to live fully rendered to God in every respect.

Sermons From series

Rendered Together


Being rendered to God means being responsible for God’s family.

Image is Everything


When the bible suggests that image is everything, it means that the image of God is the filter through which we discern everything and gives ultimate purpose and significance to our lives. We are to design our lives from the image already in us in order to be a revelation of God to the world.

Do Business!


Christ calls us to “do business”, and doing business is summed up in the lifestyle of a Generous steward.  Generous stewards are called to faithfully manage all of their time, talent, and treasure as resources for God’s purposes.

Lost and Found


When our relationship with Jesus changes, so does our relationship with money. The pull of money and greed may be strong, but the pull of Christ is stronger.

Opened Hands


If your hand is closed around your money and possessions, if you don’t care about the needs of others enough to give, if you don’t value the kingdom above your personal pursuits, then Heaven can’t be read on your palm because it isn’t what you love. If your hand is open, you have let go of what is “yours” and understand that it is His. An open hand is evidence of an open heart, open to God and His purpose; a heart oriented to the world that is to come.


A Good Lesson from a Bad Manager


In the parable of the dishonest manager, the manager realizes that a day is coming when he will have to live with the consequences of his stewardship. With the little time he had left, he began to use his position and access to wealth to secure a better future for himself. The master commended the dishonest manager for his shrewdness. In the same way, we are to use our resources and position to secure for ourselves a better future in God’s Kingdom. We are to steward everything we have for God’s glory and for the spiritual health and well-being of others.

A Call to Consider


Stewardship is a call to trust in God. Yet we often give out of our bare excess because we really don’t trust God to provide for tomorrow’s needs. As we fight to trust in God and His provision, we are to look to Jesus and give generously.

Money ≠ Life


Money deceives us into thinking that if we have it, it will make us happy, while all other purposes of life fall away. But the more clearly we see Jesus, the less likely we are to see money as life.



What we do with what God places in our hands, reveals how we are relating to God in our hearts. Stewardship is the essence of what it means to be human, and includes the totality of who we are and what we’ve been given. We reflect God the best, when we steward well what He has placed in our hands.