We take the time to look at money and possessions. What doe the bible say about materialism? Is it as satisfying as our culture makes it out to be? Is it as evil as some Christians make it out to be?  We look at the controversies of the “prosperity gospel”, and we define our philosophy as a church of Grace-based giving.

Sermons From series

MINE: Grace Giving


We conclude our Mine series looking at 1 Corinthians 8 as Dhati unpacks our responsibility in giving to the local church.

MINE: Living with the end in mind


Dhati speaks on the necessity that we ,as stewards of God possessions, have to live with the end in mind.

MINE: True Wealth


Dhati continues in our stewardship series addressing the issue of debt by tracing it to it’s source…discontentment.

MINE: Obligations


John O seeks to answer the root question driving prosperity theology, “What obligation does God have to bless those that obey Him?”.

MINE: Insufficient Funds


John O continues teaching in our stewardship series, using Luke 12 to show the nature and danger of materialism.

MINE: Custody Agreement


In the first message of our Stewardship series, Dhati walks through Matthew 6 to answer the question “Why is money so important to God?”