Though a spin off of the well-known Christmas song, Joy to the World is a reminder of the joy that we ultimately find in anticipating the coming of Christ. We joyfully await Him with a God-centered expectancy and a gospel-proclaiming urgency.

Sermons From series

A Reason for Joy


We are encouraged and challenged to rejoice at the coming of Jesus. Rejoice because our joy is not rooted in circumstance but in the identity, and the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Manger as Megaphone


How Christ came explains why He came.

Our Feature Presentation


As we begin our Joy to the World series, we’re encouraged with the reality that Christmas is what God has been preparing the world for, for all of human history. Pastor Jorge dives into a thorough comparison of the birth of John the Baptist and the birth of Jesus in Luke chapter 1. Jesus, the Almighty, the Sovereign, and Holy God, who is greater and above all of mankind,  came and humbly entered humanity for the sake of sinners.