Most of what we know about the book of Jonah consists of a great fish and a great city. In reality, the book is more about the great God and his great heart for the those who are broken because of sin. In reading the book of Jonah we embark on a journey toward knowing the heart of God for the world.

Sermons From series

The Pity Party


God’s goodness in our lives is meant to be a billboard advertising God’s ability to extend His goodness to others. Spiritual pride reverses this purpose, and pleads for God’s unwillingness to extend His mercy and grace to others.

A Time to Turn


God is so holy that our sin kindles His anger and yet so loving that our condition breaks his heart. The Gospel is God’s way of satisfying justice and embracing us in love.

The Grace to Begin Again


After a time of great failure there is usually great vagueness about the future. What now? How will things be? Jonah faces these kinds of questions after being vomitted out of the great fish. In his search for answers, God graciously gives Jonah a new opportunity to fulfill his mission.

Swallowed by Grace


As Jonah is swallowed into the belly of the whale, we are taken into the heart of God’s grace. There we learn that though God may not be always safe, He is always good.

A Storm of Questions


We are familiar with the God who stills our storms. But he is also the God who speaks storms into our peace. He stills storms in order to calm and comfort our hearts. He speaks storms into our lives in order to conform our hearts to his. For even though the winds and waves obey him our hearts often don’t. Yet God is too loving to leave his people in such a place and pursues with great passion.

A War of Wills


The Bible was given to instruct us of two main things: the knowledge of God and the knowledge of self. We are often beset with thoughts of God that are much too small and thought of ourselves that are much too large. Because of this we feel entitled to God’s support instead of living asenlisted in God’s mission. But no matter how far we are off from the mark God will pursue us and lead us to his heart.