Grow Up

Devotion. Study. Application. Communication. Initiative. Togetherness. We explore the 6 aims of Blueprint Church, as what we believe to be traits of a healthy disciple of Jesus christ.

Sermons From series

Grow Up: Togetherness


Sho speaks on how authentic community is not an option in GOD’s kingdom.

Grow Up: Initiative


John speaks on the proper response to a believer’s burdens and how we are to take initiative.

Grow Up: Application


Dhati unpacks the 3rd of our six aims, Application – giving one’s full attention to practicing God’s plan.

Grow Up: Communication


Sam Dula shares with us what the Gospel is and how it changes the world through our living and communication.

Grow Up: Study


John O speaks on the second of our six aims, Study – the ability to perceive the intended meaning of God’s perspective through His word.

Grow Up: Devotion


Dhati speaks on cultivating a heart that desires the LORD above all else.