EPIC: The Culmination

The climax and final chapter of God’s story of redemption, we look at the person of Jesus Christ. He, being the fulfillment of generations of prophecy, brings hope to the world and sets apart for himself the elect of the church to worship him faithfully forever.

Sermons From series

EPIC: From this point forward


In light of the hope that we have that one day Jesus is going to come back and repair what is broken, how are we to live from this point forward.

EPIC: Endure


John O explains how the explanation of Christ’s person and work in the book of Hebrews encourages us to persevere in this life.

EPIC: We are all Witnesses


We continue in our EPIC series as Dhati walks through the book of Acts showing us our role as witnesses.

EPIC: A New Life


There are things in all of our pasts that affect the way we interact with the present. How does the gospel help us deal with our past and bring about a new life?

EPIC: Meeting Jesus


John O walks us through the first half the gospel John examining Jesus’ life by answering three questions–what Jesus did, what Jesus said and how people responded