EPIC: In the Beginning

The first of 4 series, titled EPIC.  We will survey the entire body of scripture, giving an insight into the redemptive narrative our God has written in the Bible. In EPIC: In the Beginning, we look at the book of Genesis. We see God’s hand in creation, His purpose for mankind and are given a first glimpse into the beauty of the Gospel.

Sermons From series

EPIC: The Purpose and The Process


John O helps us to understand God’s purpose and His process (why He works the way He does) more clearly by looking at the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

EPIC: Ambition


John O takes us through Genesis 11 and the story of the Tower of Babel. In it we see what drives our ambitions and how God responds.

EPIC: The Flood


Sam Dula takes us through the Flood and shows how with one swift act God executes supreme grace and severe justice simultaneously.

EPIC: Beauty from chaos


We continue in our Epic series as John O helps up look at how God brings beauty from the chaos of the Fall in Genesis 3.

EPIC: Page 1


We start our 4-month series through the Bible as John O unpacks the character and nature of God as revealed in Genesis 1 & 2. The story begins on Page 1