Dear God: A Walk through The Psalms

In this series we look through the collection of Psalms in scripture. Observing how the writers use the Psalms as an open and honest avenue of communication with God, we see that God is not only unafraid of our honest, heart-wrenching emotions, but he welcomes us to express them. He meets us with grace and truth, comforts our souls and shoulders our burdens. Our goal is to be free before our heavenly father, baring our souls and asking to be made whole in Him.

Sermons From series

Dear God…Psalm 148


As we continue the Dear God… series, James teaches on Psalm 148 and explains what it really means to praise God.

Dear God…Psalm 139


Continuing the Dear God… series, John teaches on the blessing of being exposed before our all-knowing, ever-present and still loving God.

Dear God… Psalm 32


“Unless you’ve felt the woe, weight, & burden of sin, you cannot fully feel the blessedness of forgiveness.” Guest Speaker William Branch unpacks Psalm 32 and exhorts us to repentance and confession.

Dear God…Psalm 73


As we continue our series “Dear God…”, John unpacks Psalm 73, exposes why our hearts are filled with envy, and places Christ as the only cure for discontentment.

Dear God: Psalm 23


James dives into Psalm 23 as we find hope for walking through the valleys in life….