Snapshot || Shane Kidd

So many times we think we’re smarter than what we really are. I’m no different. Before Jesus, I was a skeptic. I believed there was a God, but I didn’t believe he was involved with Creation. I come from a background of never really going to church except on Christmas or Easter. The only reason I think I had an idea of God was because I went to a Christian school. Once my mom put in public school, I didn’t want anything to do with religion.  For me, science was the thing. I loved science because you could test the claims that were made. And seeing science speak less on God made me less interested in God.

So what changed? When my grandmother died,  my mother decided to go back to church. Once my mom found a church home,  I decide to investigate what it was all about and I ended up reading the Gospels. Through the Gospels I learned that God was not a distant deity, but he was Yahweh, a God who is intimate with His creation. Jesus connected with people so they would know to trust in and believe in Him. I learned three things from the Gospels: First, Yahweh wants a relationship with His people. Second, because of sin I can’t have a relationship. And third,  Jesus bridges the gap between me and Yahweh. After these hit me I repented of my pride in believing I was a good enough person to be accepted by Yahweh and I trusted in Jesus as my savior.