Decatur Missional Community

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Our Mission

We seek to obey the written and spoken commands of Jesus, to follow his example in everyday life, and to teach others to do the same. We seek to make this lifestyle part of our everyday work, study, and play. We try first to live like Christ, and then second to teach others to do the same. We encourage anyone interested in this kind of lifestyle to gather with others on a similar path, whether in our Missional Community or elsewhere. We intentionally intersect our lives with others in the group throughout the week, and we make a point to invite new friends and neighbors into our lives and homes weekly.

Our Meetings

No two meetings are the same, but all tend to revolve around a few core values. We believe in hospitality; we gather once a week in someone’s home and share a meal, seek to listen for God’s leading for that week and respond.  A typical meeting may involve song, reading scripture, prayer, or hearing someone share their experiences of following Christ. We will also seek to meet each others physical needs as they arise. We love and value people of all beliefs and backgrounds and always seek to invite new folks to come be a part of our gatherings.

Get In Touch

Currently we meet Wednesday evenings at 7:00, with no definitive end time, so people come and go as they need. Most meetings occur in homes in or near downtown Decatur, in a good restaurant, or out serving the community. The location rotates each week.

We look forward to serving with you!

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