Our Vision:

When God made the world, He greeted His creation and affirmed that they were good. Our mission is to equip kids with a foundation of faith that allows them to be unleashed to engage their world with the message of God’s love. We want kids to understand and pass on to their friends, families, and world the best message of love – Jesus! With the same life-giving, affirming love of the Creator of the world, we want our kids to say “Hello World, God loves you!”

Our Mission

Joining parents in shepherding children to do ministry where life exists.

Age Group

Serving children from 6 months through 6th grade.

Check-in Time

Open between 10:15am-11:00am

Our Team

We have an awesome team of volunteers who love working with kids and sharing Christ with them! If you peek into our elementary rooms, you might see our small group leaders circled up with a group of 8-10 kids, engaged in authentic discussion about the Bible and how to live out the life of a Christ follower.  In our Preschool classrooms, our leaders can be found rocking babies, zooming cars across the floor with toddlers, or playing a loud and crazy game with preschoolers!

Hello Worship

Hello Worship is a high energy time where our kids get to dance, sing, and clap along as we bring praise to our Mighty Creator and Lord!


We use the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum because it helps our kids learn that the Bible isn’t just a collection of stories, it’s all one story–the story of Jesus!