Muche Ukegbu || Family Pastor

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Born dead in every sense of the word, the doctors frantically rushed to resuscitate me as my family begged God to spare their second born. God in His mercy did, and thus I was named Onyemauchechukwu Azunna Ukegbu, which translated means no one knows God’s mind. That stayed in the back of my mind growing up because I couldn’t figure out how a loving God would allow me to go through the myriad of struggles I experienced in childhood. That question served as the ammunition I used for disbelief and plagued me until a friend baited me with pizza to come to his youth group where I encountered the very God I questioned so sincerely. In that moment life changed forever as God saved & birthed in me a passion for the hurting, distressed, and the broken hearted as an extension for His heart. It only grew more in college as I looked around like Paul in Acts 17 and saw a culture full of idols that were selling students a false bill of goods.

Philippians 3:10 // …That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and may share His sufferings, becoming like Him in His deathCollege was a natural time of discovery, development, and deployment and I thought if we ferociously waged war against idolatry here, we can penetrate darkness throughout the cities where the colleges are and subsequently the world. From serving and leading with Impact at Baylor University, Plumbline college ministry in Denton, Tx; I’ve seen God’s vehicle for change was the Christian in the context of community, i.e. the church. So when Dhati shared about moving to the city of Atlanta to see this reality fleshed out as we served the city and made disciples, the choice to move was a no brainer.

On July 5 2009, my wife Diamone & I moved with our friends to do just that. It’s been a wild journey to say the least but it’s nothing short of amazing to see God at work in our lives and the lives of others as He ruthlessly pursues our hearts. Currently my wife and I have 2 amazing daughters, Serenity(2) & Joelle(4months)  in this last year i’ve served as an intern in the role of service program director and pioneering Anchor college ministry here at Blueprint.I’m excited to step into this new role as the Student Pastor and get a chance to do what I feel I was made to, mobilize people for God’s mission through pastoring them courageously and authentically, awakening their dreams, while leading with a limp.



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