Why Baptism?

Water Baptism is meant for individuals who have been saved by the person and work of Jesus Christ. Therefore, in obedience to Christ’s commands and as a public statement to God, the church, oneself, and the world, a new believer should be immersed in water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Water baptism is the outward showing of an inward faith in Christ alone for salvation. It also signifies that person’s former way of life has been put to death and released from the bondage of sin.

 Baptism FAQ

For more information on how we practice baptisms as a church, click here.

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Hear Stories From Others Who Have Been Baptized

  • Regina Lawson

    Hear as Regina shares how she struggled with living a private and public life, and the life-changing sermon that lead her to pursue Christ.

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  • Patsy Niver

    Patsy, mother of 3, is raising two children with terminal illnesses. Read her powerful testimony about how she came to faith in Christ.

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  • Ally Goff

    As an athlete, it became easy for track to become Ally's idol, but since coming to Christ she now sees track as her mission field. Read more of her life-changing story.

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  • Ikwo Oboho

    Ikwo used to live for praise and accolades from others, but in learning of Christ's work on her behalf, realized that she didn't have to work for a salvation that was freely given. Read more of Ikwo's story.

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  • Kristen Jones

    Hear about how Kristen came to faith as a college student at Georgia State.

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  • Ryan & Emily Curia

    Ryan and Emily are a newly married couple, and have been learning how to encourage each other and sanctify one another through their union. Watch and listen to their Baptism stories!

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  • Harmonie Coleman

    Hear about how Harmonie came to faith as a college student at Emory University.

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  • Mia // Just Because I’m Young

    Mia Penner is one of our youngest members to get baptized! Hear from Mia and her parents, Becky and Adam, as they tell of their daughter's beginning journey with Jesus.

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  • Lindsey Bartell | The Beautiful Sovereignty of God

    Born with a profound hearing loss, Lindsey shares her life-long wrestle with loneliness and her dependence upon God.

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  • Baptism || Skyy McGeachy-Campbell

    Hear Skyy's story of redemption and discover how Jesus responds when he hears his children cry out to him.

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  • Baptism || Uju Motanya

    I was originally born in Nigeria but prmarily raised in Georgia since I was 3 months old. I am currently a biology major/pre-med major at Georgia State University.

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  • Baptism || Corwin Oglesby

    I have now been married for 8 years and I know for some that might not be a long time. But for me it has been some of the best years of my life.

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  • Baptism || Candace Pressley

    I am a young woman who was lost and caught up in the treasures of the world and culture for most of my life.

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  • Baptism || Andrew Williams

    I went to church regularly as a kid, but I eventually stopped once I began attending college. As a casual church goer, I matured finding little fault in my lifestyle. Albeit I asked God for forgiveness, these empty words had little impact on my life. My desire for money and security opened the flood gate to many vain pursuits and sins. Things that often left me broken...

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