What White Christians Need To Hear About Ferguson

Our oldest grandchild is named Gunnar. Gunnar is a good-looking, smart, happy, energetic, athletic kid. (I’m being as objective as I can here.) And if these traits don’t give him an edge on the playground, there’s this: He’s white. Read more →

Duh Hood Need Jesus

“Confusion” was spelled out between his scrunched eyebrows. “Hold up, though. You talk to us ‘bout Jesus all the time. What that got to do wit’ you and Mrs. Maggie goin’ nuh Atlanta for two whole years, though?” Read more →

Protected or Prepared

Blueprint’s lead pastor Dhati Lewis and his family recently moved to the Old Fourth Ward of Atlanta, a diverse area in need of a strong gospel presence, where Blueprint’s church building is located. Today on the blog, Dhati’s wife, Angie, shares about why they have elected to raise their children in the O4W. Read more →

Tough Questions: The Resurrection

This is the second question/answer post in our Tough Questions series.

Question (from Loretta Hazel): “Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 all tell us about the Resurrection, but they all have some key differences in the accounts. Differences that I personally struggle to piece together to form one story. How do we explain how all 3 accounts are accurate?” Read more →