Own It

The best Christmas present I’ve ever received wasn’t a TV or a piece of jewelry. It was a silver Bach Stradivarius trumpet. In the few years leading up to that Christmas, I’d thrown myself full-force into the world of high school band. Up to this point I’d only owned used, dented, scratched beginner or intermediate instruments. They were nothing compared to the shiny, brand-new, professional-grade beauty I received that year. It sounded amazing and I adored it, even gave it a name. I was a weird kid.  Read more →

A Different Kind of Hero

I am a nerd about The Hunger Games. Like I read the series in four days nerdy. So, of course, I recently saw the second movie, Catching Fire. And, yes, of course, the book is better. I might add that I will not pretend I have not lived vicariously through this Katniss (that’s one reason we read and watch fiction, right?).  I mean, you have to picture this woman catching fire, literally adorned in flames, emblazoned with determination, laser-like focus on her mission. But, even better, she comes from nothing, a soot-covered mining town filled with oppression. She rises to the call to be free of this hopeless tyranny, and like a phoenix (or perhaps more like a  mockingjay– add geekiness), she rises from the ashes.  Read more →

A New Heart Towards Christmas

Christmas used to be a time of year that brought on so much excitement and anticipation for me. On Christmas Eve my sister, brother, and I would stay up until twelve o’clock at night (against our parents’ wishes, of course) in order to run down the stairs and rip open our presents. In the beginning, we viewed Christmas as “gift-giving” time. But over the years I began to learn that Christmas was much more than that. It was about being good to others and spending time with family.  Read more →

Be Rooted in Service

Firemen and police officers are individuals who run into harm’s way. They have been trained and equipped with the tools to do their job. They have slogans like “overcome, adapt, and improvise” and “protect and serve.” Read more →