Balancing Act

Caught in the balance of a balancing act:

An act where it seems nothing is based on fact

But rather on feeling.

Feeling based on a heart that is sporadic and inconsistent—ever-changing

And the only consistency is that of the burden that’s been placed on me.

The burden to fix, to control, to heal.

But I have to wonder: How am I to fix, if I’m broken? How am I to control, if I’m helpless? How am I to heal, if I’m still hurting? Read more →

Broken but Beloved

With this series, we want our blog to invite a spirit of confession & vulnerability that would define our community.

How did I get here?

Who am I?

Now what?

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself the past couple of days. Where is here? Embarrassed, ashamed, broken, contrite and wishing I could run away or sit in my room watching On Demand all day, so I don’t have to deal with reality.  Reaping what I sowed and scared that my future doesn’t look so bright anymore. How did I get here? Chasing satisfaction. Consciously and subconsciously. Embracing the tangible because I couldn’t feel the invisible. And hiding from the light to keep my dark deeds hidden. Read more →

This Is No Utopia

A few weeks ago, while closing his sermon, John prayed a prayer that I hope will change our church forever. Tucked inconspicuously in his prayer was this statement: “Father, send us the people no one else wants.” I mean, it sounds good. We are the church, and we should be a refuge for the broken and abandoned in our city. Our doors should be wide open to receive whoever comes, or more so, we should be out in the city trying our hardest to find them.

Since then, I’ve probably heard Dhati quote John’s prayer in every meeting I’ve been in and every time I’ve heard him speak. But I don’t think that it has penetrated his heart because it is a prayer that sounds good to champion. Quite the opposite, actually. I think this prayer hits home so hard, because, quite simply, we are not ready for this. Read more →

Rock Of Ages on iTunes

We are excited to announce our debut single, Rock of Ages! The single is available now on iTunes, Google Play and other digital media outlets and features a remix version featuring Sho Baraka!

Download on iTunes Now




Glory and Love

My husband and I have started to teach our two year old the basics about God.  We have catechism questions that we are slowly working through as he begins to understand the world around him.  The first question we worked on was: Who created you?  The second one was: What else did He make?  The next one we will start on is: Why did He create you?  The answer is simple: For his glory.  Isaiah 43:7 says, “Everyone who is called by my name, and whom I have created for my glory…”  This is the purpose of our existence — to glorify God.  Everything we do is to glorify God.

I don’t have a problem with Mathias learning this truth this early, but I looked ahead to see when the catechism covered the fact that God loves him.  I felt that knowing that God loves him is paramount to understanding his value as a person. Read more →

The Many Faces of Freedom

The other day Bill said to me, “I don’t relate to the Psalms.”

“Whaaat?” I sputtered, “we’ve been married however many years [I can’t count when I’m upset] and you’re just now telling me this?”

Seriously, this might have been a deal-breaker thirty-five years ago.

“I didn’t say I don’t like the Psalms,” Bill said without a hint of defensiveness, “I said I don’t relate to them.”

“What do you relate to then? Leviticus?”

“The Sermon on the Mount.”

Okay, I said, in so many words, I absolve you of what I thought was surely some kind of heresy. And once again I realized that although Bill and I share a love for Jesus, Jesus’ love for us meets us and transforms us in completely different ways. Read more →