The Secret Struggle Everyone Knows


You watched the Superbowl right?.  Maybe not, but there is a good chance you watched a football game last year at some point.  How do I know?  Football rakes in 9.3 billion dollars a year.  Everyone is watching it.  You’ve at least seen the fans right?  Shouting for their team, wearing the jersey of their favorite player.  It’s everywhere.  Same thing for basketball.  The arguments rage for days on who the best player is: Lebron, Kobe, or  Durant.  NBA All-Star weekend is a gala event, the finals are heavily watched, players are making millions.  Basketball rakes in 4.3 billion dollars a year (this is why they were arguing so much about money earlier this year.)  Everyone is watching it.  How about that other big industry being watched?  The one that secretly has your attention more than basketball or football.  You know.  The 14 billion dollar secret.  Your secret.  Pornography. Read more →