On Mission In India

Dr. Sam (We are concealing his name for the protection of his family) is a native of India who became a member of Blueprint in 2011. Feeling the call to return to his home and help spread the hope of the Gospel there, he and his family moved to India. He recently sent us a letter to update us on the status of his ministry. The following is his letter, and we hope that it encourages you as you are doing ministry where life exists!

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Marriage Retreat- Recap

A few weeks ago, we held our very first Blueprint Marriage Retreat! It was a great turnout at the Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center, where we laughed, cried, got deep, and danced the night away. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and said they were really impacted by the weekend. Straying from the traditional structure of retreats where we pay a speaker to come in and give us knowledge, we focused the weekend around couple’s fellowship and dialogue. Guided by an awesome curriculum called The Art of Marriage, we were challenged to examine our marriages openly and honestly, in community, so that our relationships would continue to flourish.

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My Life in Boxes…

I just finished packing my life into a 5×10 storage unit so that I can move to Kenya for 6 months. While not the first time that I’ve packed up my life, it felt different this time.

I usually pride myself at how little I own… living most of the last 5 years in nooks and crannies…  one year in a teeny apartment, 18 months touring on a bus (with the Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa) with little more than a duffle bag– staying in over 300 homes as we traveled; a few years living in a friend’s basement; oh, and then there’s my favorite: living in my sister’s unfinished laundry room for a year.

I don’t mind living on little or IN little. However, it IS quite surreal to see your life fit into such a small space. All the memories, pictures, unique belongings taking up so very little room.

At the age of 33, it is humbling to realize how little I own and how insignificant my possessions are. I have no collateral. No equity. I barely have any money in savings— or my checking account for that matter. I have friends younger than me who have multiple properties, large families and nice retirement plans already in place and growing.

It can be scary thinking about how little I have set aside for my future and how little I have to show for my past investments (none of which have been financial).

But there are other feelings, too. There is great gratitude that I am not owned by the things I possess. There is JOY in the fact that I require very little to live other than friends and God and there is FREEDOM and EXCITEMENT in knowing that I “pack light” enough to go anywhere at anytime to do anything that God leads me to do. Read more →

Praying for Emptiness

I do this on a consistent basis, and I think that you do too.  Think about it   -what happens when you experience a disappointment or a series of disappointments? Maybe you’ve been trying for three of the four years of your marriage to get pregnant with no luck. Perhaps you’re getting out of a relationship with someone that you’ve loved, lost a family member, or you fill in the blank with whatever is causing you the most pain, frustration or restlessness.  When we experience this sense of loss or this longing for peace what do we do (or better yet…what should we do)? Read more →

The New www.blueprintchurch.org

Welcome to the new Blueprint Church website. We’ve been hard at work for the last few months developing this new web space with you in mind. Our goal was simple: to create a website that shows who we are as a church and what we do. Blueprint is a church that is all about the family of God sharing life together. We exist to see the Gospel of Christ change people and to equip and unleash those people to impact others in the same way. So, this website is built around those 2 aims. We wish to feature the personal stories of change that God is writing in the lives of our family. We wish also to give you resources and inspiration to be similar vessels in your own context. Read more →

The New Urban and An Old Problem

We are in a new day. With growing urbanization in the United States, we need to prepare leaders for the next generation. It will look like something we have yet to see.

America is changing, and it is changing fast. Urban is no longer limited to the inner city. Urban defines any area that is dense with population and diverse because of the density. It is in this day that living in a city means having neighbors who don’t look like you and are not even in the same socio economic status as you. Statistics show that by the year 2042, minorities will be the new majority in America. By 2023 – only about a decade away – it is said that more minority babies will be born in America than Caucasian babies. These stats are showing that America is certainly changing, and it’s going to look very different, very soon. Read more →

Missing God

So over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve been on this journey of sorts to get to the bottom of a lot of what’s going on inside of me.  For those of you that aren’t in my immediate circle, or haven’t had the chance to talk to me (or frankly we’ve never had a conversation in real life), you would know that I’ve been on a kick where I’ve been referring to myself as the “tin man” (you know, the guy from the wizard of Oz that didn’t have a “heart”). Read more →